Artist Interview: Elisa Moro

8 mins read

After graduating in Psychology Elisa Moro attended the Master’s degree in Contemporary Image at Fondazione Modena Arti Visive.

Artist Interview: Andrea Tonellotto

7 mins read

Born, in 1974 in Padova and now based in Piazzola del Brenta, Andrea Tonellotto sits down with Uncontaminated to discuss photography, his art form, his processes and his background.

Artist Interview: Angelika Kollin

10 mins read

Angelika Kollin (b. 1976) is an Estonian award-winning photographer who is currently based in Tampa, Florida. Kollin sits down with Uncontaminated to discuss her art-form and pivotal moments in her path as a photographer.

An Interview with Richard Sandler

1 min read

Richard Sandler is an American internationally renowned and iconic, street photographer, documentary filmmaker, and photography curator. He was awarded a Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship for Film-Making in 2006, and two New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowships in Photography in 1992 and 1998.

An Interview with Maurizio Bavutti

10 mins read

“At the moment blockchain and NFTs “smart contracts” are the safest and most transparent system that we can use online. In such a self-referential historical moment, the possibility of using such an immediate, transparent and safe tool will give life to a new ecosystem; through an innovative digital asset, we could expand the art market into a more democratic and inclusive one. I believe that all of us “artists & collectors” will benefit from this new tool.” Tell us a bit about your background and how and why you became a co-founder in this revolutionary start-up? My background is photography.

A Conversation with Cesare Bianchetti

13 mins read

“Born under the sign of Pisces, I imagine the exchange of works of art in real-time in social spaces that can bring together people willing to listen and see, without simply standing by to watch.” As the founder of why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself and why you decided to enter this venture? I have a background in IT studies, after which I gained experience working for my family-run fashion company. After years, I branched out to a different field becoming a marketing and communication manager and this is where the continuous exchange with artists, designers,