Artworks Review

The Art of the Uninhabited

6 mins read

The art of capturing the uninhabited is one that is far more nuanced than it seems. The characters of a photograph become the land and all of its personality, that can be almost grasped at from outside of the photograph.

The Natural World: A Continual Return Home

7 mins read

Artists: Alessio Pellicoro, Alfonso Briceño, Francesco Pistilli, Iacapo Pasqui, Kai Yokoyama, Luca Santini and Mohamed Hassan, capture intimate and transient moments within the natural world before those that inhabit it, sense they are being watched and change into something completely new.

A Woman’s Tale of Soft Edges

5 mins read

What does it mean to be a body amongst other bodies, bodies that are like ours, bodies we came from, and bodies we are separate to? Who exists beyond this separation, before emptied swings and houses, where limbs caress the earth, and a child suckles milk from their mother? Artists Tori Ferenc, Bettina Pittaluga, Snezhana Von Büdingen-Dyba, Myrian Boulos, Laura Stevens, Erinn Springer and Lisa Sorgini explore these intricate themes with equal power as they do with vulnerability. Tori Ferenc’s ‘The Visit’ shows an encounter between three generations, daughter, mother and grandmother. An age old, and sacred trope, that has existed