Artist Interview: Andrea Tonellotto

Born, in 1974 in Padova and now based in Piazzola del Brenta, Andrea Tonellotto sits down with Uncontaminated to discuss photography, his art form, his processes and his background.

New Artist: Riccardo Androni

Sensitive to death and the caducity of reality; curious and attracted to the unknown, Riccardo Androni is interested in the

The Art of the Uninhabited

The art of capturing the uninhabited is one that is far more nuanced than it seems. The characters of a

New Artist: Matthieu Croizier

Matthieu Croizier (1994, he/him) is an artist and freelance photographer based in Lausanne, Switzerland. He graduated from the Photography School

New Artist: Emiliano Zúñiga

Emiliano Zúñiga Hernández (b.1990) is a Costa Rican photographer with some background in Anthropology, Certified of the Climate Compliance Conference

New Artist: Simone Pampurini

Simone Pampurini is an italian photographer who lives in a small hilltop village in the middle of the Po Valley.

New Artist: Kristina Rozhkova

Born in 1996 in Perm (Urals), Russia. She graduated from Perm State University in Philosophy and from the St. Petersburg

New Artist: Freya Najade

Freya Najade is a photographer living and working in London and Hamburg. Freya is especially interested in the commonplace.