How to Buy & Sell NFTS

3 mins read

NFTs are purchased with cryptocurrency. The money used to purchase the NFTs, is fungible, because there is no distinction between one dollar and another.

Money in the Metaverse

5 mins read

New currencies and modes of trading within the realm of fine art photography, brings with it new opportunities for the economy as well as artists and collectors. Currencies in virtual spaces takes on totally new meaning– meanings that can sometimes be confusing to understand conceptually, and to navigate. It is first important to decipher key questions related to money in the metaverse, before then understanding what this means for the future of buying and trading fine art.

A2A: Artists to Artist Programme

2 mins read

The infrastructure of communities fundamentally relies on 1. Sharing of experience and 2. Bringing together groups of people to share that experience. As defined by the Merriam Webster dictionary, a community can be understood as: “A body of persons of common and especially professional interests scattered through a larger society.” Part of the mission of the A2A, or Artists 2 Artists programme, is to source the scatterings, and bring communities of artists together— unified, to share the larger body of the UNCT marketplace. The A2A programme allows current UNCT artists to bring on new artists to join the community: thus

Why Uncontaminated

6 mins read

The first online platform dedicated to the exchange, sale, and promotion of photographic and video art thanks to Blockchain Technology, uncontaminated.co is constantly evolving to stay up to date with the times. Over the past six months, we have recruited over 50 artists, spanning from every type of genre, from fashion to documentary, to reportage to conceptual, landscape, street photography and so on…our selection includes both emerging, established, and notorious international artists currently active and part of an ever-changing market. We focused on headhunting fine art photographers from around the world, giving our platform the primate for a high standard


14 mins read

Considering our platform is relatively new and innovative, we’ve already welcomed a plethora of artists from around the world working with photography and video art. We’d like to take this instance at the end of the year to present all of them to you so you have an idea of the spectrum. Uncontaminated aims to be one of the first interactive platforms dedicated to promoting photographic and video art thanks to Blockchain technology. At the forefront in the NFT sphere, we put artists directly into contact with collectors from around the world without intermediaries. Through a unique system of checks