New Artist: Bettina Pittaluga

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Bettina Pittaluga is a French-Uruguayan photographer, After her training as a photojournalist, she obtained a degree in sociology at the Sorbonne and a master’s degree at the Centre d’Etudes Littéraires et Scientifiques Appliquées (CELSA). Whether for commissions or personal projects, her natural and luminous aesthetic takes us straight to emotion. Armed with kindness and delicacy, Bettina Pittaluga brings to light people who are still too often invisibilized in the media space. A committed photographer, she proves that aesthetics is political. “If I chose this profession it is to remain completely aligned with my convictions and everything I stand for. Bettina works only with film, in medium format, the centre of her work is the human being : “I put forward people who have things to tell and who are in line with my convictions. I am very attracted by love, tenderness, kindness. And all this goes hand in hand with the fact that I fight every day against injustice, violence, hatred.”