New Artist: Federico Kaplan

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Federico “Monty” Kaplan (1986) is a photographer from Argentina. He uses photography as a tool of inspection examining the perception we have of reality. Exploring intersubjective spaces, that are shaped from the relationship between our subjective experiences and the objective nature of things. Searching there for what is invisible to the eye, and exists only as presentiment. His background in filmmaking allows him to create unorthodox narratives filled with atmosphere that blur the line between fiction and documentary. Monty has exhibited work across the globe in USA, London, Germany and Argentina. He was selected as an Single Image Winner’s of BJP’s “International Photography Award” and shortlisted for the British Journal of Photography’s “Portrait of Humanity Vol. 4”. His work has appeared on numerous publications, including It’s Nice That, The British Journal of Photography, PHMuseum, i-D among others.